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BeEF injection with Metasploit Payloads

Wade Alcorn has released the latest version of the Browser Exploit Framework or BeEF for short. This version has some new features in it, including the code that I worked on for the Security BSides presentation. I encourage you to go over to and download the latest version of BeEF and try it out. If you don't know how to get started, download the Samurai WTF distribution at and then head over to where I have done some videos on how to upgrade to the latest version of BeEF and also demonstrated 2 of the new features. In addition to some of the features I added, Jabra and RSnake also have some new code in. The vimeo videos are linked on as well.

I'm going to be updating my blog more frequently, but feel free to follow me on Twitter as @sussurro and I'll be posting updates there as well.

Thanks again to Wade Alcorn for incorporating and also cleaning up my code for the distribution, he has been great to work with. Thanks also go to H D Moore of the Metasploit project for incorporating my Metasploit changes which allow all this to work.